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Little Blossom Publishing and Consulting LLC is the result of long held dreams, hard work and faith. Like many people, I have been writing stories and plays for a good part of my life. And like so many people, day to day living got in the way of pursuing these passions fully.  After my husband passed in 2020, I decided to turn my grief to good. I earned my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado Christian University in 2021. My thesis was a business plan for support services for widows and those experiencing grief, because experience showed me that there is a tremendous need for these.  I used my teaching and nursing experiences to identify and pursue consultation and writing for instructors in Career and Technical Education. My background in owning and studying small businesses positioned me to help other new small business owners to better position their enterprises for success. 
Our publishing division allowed me to create handbooks to support these areas, as well as to print and market musicals and books by myself and others. Little Blossom Publishing and Consulting LLC is dedicated to operating in a moral, legal and ethical manner and to provide consulting and published materials in a manner that reflects our faith and values as a company.

Young Businesswomen


The Mission of Little Blossom Publishing and Consulting LLC is to empower, support and encourage others through workshops, one-to-one consulting and written materials.

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We value each person’s journey through life.

We value integrity and honesty and operate in a legal, moral and ethical framework.

We believe in using our voice and written words to inspire, encourage and uplift others.

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